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This passage is so beautiful, and shouts so loudly that it’s about Jesus that it’s amazing it was missed, both in Jesus’ day and now, by those who don’t believe He is our Messiah. However, verse 3 moved me the most, “He was despised, and we did not care.”

It strikes me that this is true of a lot of things even now. Someone (I forget who) once said that neglect and apathy are often more damaging than outright dislike, yet this is often our attitude. Or maybe just mine. We don’t want to be upset by things, so we don’t look. An advert or the news comes on the television, but we look away. We see someone who’s homeless, but we pretend we haven’t. We ask how people are out of politeness, but don’t really want to know if things aren’t so great. To use a Biblical term, we “cross to the other side of the road and pass by” (Luke 10:31).

As I write this, I feel very challenged by it. We live in a society that constantly encourages self-contentment, with terms like “self-care”. I, for one, find it far too easy to adhere to this kind of encouragement. I feel others’ emotions very deeply, good and bad, and my life is a lot easier when I’m not having to bear other people’s sorrows. This isn’t to imply that we never care, but that it is when we don’t care that we can cause the most damage. The reason we are upset by these things is because we have God’s compassion; isn’t it better to show this compassion than to ignore it?

However, as important as it is to recognise where we flounder, it’s more important to establish a means of improving. One really easy way to fix this is this: when I see something or think of something which triggers God’s compassion in me, if I can help, brilliant, but if not, then I’m going to pray. We may not know much about the situation, but we can be sure that God hears us, and he answers too.

It’s no secret that Jesus’ life is the perfect demonstration of how we should live. He was despised, but loved unconditionally. He saw our misdeeds, but showed grace. He had almost nothing, but gave everything for us. Maybe we could think about giving more as well.















Lord Jesus, we’re sorry for the times when we’ve turned a blind eye. Fill us afresh with your love and your compassion, and show us the areas where we can make a difference in people’s lives by showing you to them. Amen.

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