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The prophetic writings are all about redemption; it’s literally the reason they exist! They were written at various points throughout Israel and Judah’s respective exiles to Assyria and Babylon, to tell them what they were doing wrong, how they could fix it, and to assure them of God’s plan to bring them home. A lot of it is often dismissed as being very specifically aimed at the original audience, but I think today’s message in particular speaks to us now just as much as it did when it was first proclaimed.

What strikes me about this passage is how considerate God is. He knows that in telling them what they’ve done wrong, they will feel shame, so he tells them that they have no need to feel that way (v.4). He realises that they might well associate their misdeeds with those of the people prior to the flood, so he reminds them of his promise never to flood the earth again (v.9). He recognises that they know that their actions led to destruction, so he assures them that they will be free from attack (v.14). He thinks about what will cause them fear, and comforts them about it, and he does the same for us today – he allays our fears in physical ways.

Recently I was worrying that I hadn’t had a chance to get some money out of the bank to take to a conference I was due to attend, but the day before I left someone gave me a small sum of money, which was the exact amount I would have chosen to take. He cares about the small things that worry us, and demonstrates that care by means that we can see, so that we learn that we can trust him to take care of the larger things as well.





















Father God, thank you that nothing is too small for you to worry about it. Please help us to trust you with anything and everything, and not to hold back things from you because we feel like they won’t matter to you. Thank you that you love us. Amen.

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