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When the weather is very hot and our ‘normal’ equable temperatures soar, it is very noticeable that people experience a different kind of thirst to cooler times of the year.  Imagine being in the Sahara Desert, sweltering in high temperatures, with one’s water supply running out by the minute.  Films are made of such scenarios!  Perhaps you can remember watching a similar film scene, mentally urging on the suffering group to find the life-saving oasis which should be up ahead!

Isaiah parallels this kind of intense thirst differently.  Just as ‘alarm bells’ can ring warning us of urgent physical thirst, so Isaiah suggests that each human being has a deep longing for fulfilment, for love and the power to love, for purpose, achievement and hope, for peace of mind and security in their lives.  These are all the longings of every human being.  Sometimes this is called a ‘God-shaped hole’ which is found in everyone.  “Why waste time on things that do not satisfy?” Isaiah asks the people (v.1-2).  He also reminds them that God is the source of all spiritual life and that if they return to God, he will satisfy their longings and their needs in every way.

The prophet invites the people to “Come” and Isaiah speaks of God’s generous blessings as a grand feast where almighty God is the host!  In the East, water was, and still is today, very precious, as were the basic dietary requirements of bread and milk.  However, the people had to recognise their own shortcomings and learn to trust God again before reconciliation could occur.  From v.6-13, we read that Isaiah reminds the Israelites of how God rescued them in the past and brought them safely back to their land.  “Seek God while you can ……. turn to me and I will forgive you,” Isaiah told them.

These words still ring true today, for we need constantly to seek God to know his forgiveness, purposes and his peace.  The final verses remind us that there is no way we can fully understand God’s ‘thoughts’ and his ‘ways’.  However, he promises that his words and plans will be accomplished, and that we can know peace and joy in worshipping and serving God in all we do.














Dear Father God, thank you that you still say, ‘Come to me, look for me, worship me.’  Please forgive me when I have ignored your presence and not worshipped you as I should.  I bless you for your Holy Spirit through whom I can know your forgiveness, comfort, power and peace.  May I always radiate Jesus in all I do; for his sake. Amen.

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