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This is one of the most famous passages in the Bible. It is fantastically important in understanding the heart of the Old Testament God who can sometimes feel so different to Jesus. Isaiah 58:6-7 shows us the father’s heart for justice and real righteousness. Jesus came to reveal the Father. God’s heart for justice wasn’t invented in the New Testament, it’s always been who he is.

It is easy to feel guilty when we read passages like this knowing that we don’t measure up. It is a great encouragement to know that God has the same attitude towards us that he expects from us. He wants to break us free from every oppression. He wants to give us homes, clothe us, and give us our daily bread. It is easy to freely give away what you have freely received. The law requires, grace enables. When God asks you to change the world, he is also ready and waiting to equip you to do it!

There is an interesting idea on humility here. Verses 3-5 show God ironically praising the humility of the Israelites in how ‘good’ they are at fasting. He then tells them exactly what kind of fast He expects – an extraordinary form of fasting (v.6-7).

There is a trend in the church sometimes suggesting that our main job in evangelism is to show people that Christians are just ‘ordinary people like everyone else’. I disagree! I think our job is to show people that we were just ordinary people like everyone else, but now through the grace of God we are extraordinary! Real fasting and humbling yourself doesn’t look like keeping your head down (v.5), or just taking care of your own business (v.3). Real fasting looks like changing the world. Sometimes we are so focused on humility that we miss the call to be the light of the world. God is more interested in his people being known for what they do do, not want they don’t. The Israelites were pleased with themselves because they knew how to bow their heads. God wanted them to be known for repairing the broken walls! (v.12)


















Ask God what extraordinary thing you can do today. Don’t be afraid to stand out in your school or workplace!

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