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The voice declares the purposes of God in v.8-9 and v.11-12, enjoins the community to prepare for revival in v10 and in v.1-5, speaks declarations in the name of God over the people. Verses 6-7 tells us that watchmen have been posted on the walls. Watchmen would look out for threats, and this picture is used to encourage those who ‘call on the Lord’ to watch and pray.  There are some guidelines on how to pray: be steadfast in prayer; be dedicated and disciplined; persevere and treat it as a matter of priority, giving ourselves no rest until the church is raised up at the centre of the community to the glory of God.

Intercession is not the calling of the few but the whole community. It is called, in v10, to prepare the way, build up the highway – make straight the paths – and raise a banner with the name of Yahweh emblazoned for the nations to see and be gathered.

In this light, v.1-5 show us what to pray for. We pray for the righteousness of the church to shine: a church in love with its bridegroom and exercising loving relationships with each other; sons and daughters as well as brothers and sisters.  We pray for the salvation of the church to blaze: for its freedom, joy, well-being, health, to so shine that the community is attracted to it and the number entering into that salvation grows. We pray for kings, communities and even nations to turn to the King.  We pray for the love of God to saturate the church. We pray for God’s people to be sure about their identity, to draw near in intimacy and be bold in their inheritance. We pray for revival fires to be lit.

But we end with a reminder of our destiny, our hope in Christ, the declaration he has already made about us, and the status to which, once we have committed ourselves to Christ, we are predestined to be conformed. We are holy people – a people belong to him, his redeemed – the captives have been set free and we shall be free indeed.  We are sought after – our worth and value is found in his first seeking after us; we are no longer deserted – we are not forsaken. There’s no shame, rejection or marginalisation by the lover of our souls.

















You have a new name, which means that God’s delight is in you – the One who created the stars, you can call Father or Abba. He is a God who rejoices over you like a bridegroom over his bride. How special does that make you feel?

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