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The last chapter in Isaiah summarises his prophecies, and so is like previous chapters. It concludes that the humbled will be comforted, the ungodly will be condemned and at the second coming of the Lord Jesus, Jerusalem will be made a joy on earth.

We were created so that we could make choices about which way to live our lives. I hope to choose as in verse 2, however some may choose as in verse 3. Don’t let this right to choose lead us away from God’s path which is to eternal life. Verse 15 gives us a vivid picture of God’s judgement at Christ’s second coming.

Isaiah’s book closes with the faithless being judged and the faithful being richly rewarded. However faithful we try to be, are there also times when we too, like the Israelites, are rebellious to God’s way? Do we always feed the hungry? Do we always obey his word? We need to ensure that we are amongst God’s people who will be richly blessed when Jesus comes to Earth again.

God promises not to turn his back on the people who are true to him and do not turn away from him. If we are faithful, he freely offers us forgiveness and his message of comfort is that we will find eternal peace and fellowship with him. Hope is possible because Christ is coming. No matter how bleak our situation or how evil the world around us is – we must continue to be God’s faithful people and hope for his return. In a recent episode of ‘Dr Who’, there was a recurrent theme of “where there are tears, there is always hope,” so whilst we still care about the people around us, there is always hope.

In this new heaven and new earth, the wicked will no longer flourish, the strong will no longer prey on the weak and there will come a day when all the people will acknowledge the Lord as God.

















Lord God –  help us to remain faithful to you in the knowledge that you are with us always and will be our strength and guide for as long as we remember you. Help us not to be distracted by others who do not live by your word. We humbly work to tell of your glory whilst waiting for your return to take us all home with you. Amen.

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