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(This passage is also referenced in 2 Chronicles 33:18-34:7)

Today we have read about some of the kings of the Southern kingdom and we picked up the story of Manasseh where he not only made idols, which goes against the commandment to not make any graven image, but he put them in the House of The Lord.  He also led the nation into sin and they willingly followed which caused God to want to wipe everything away from Judah and start a fresh.

Eventually Manasseh died and his son (Amon) succeeded him but only for two years.  He continued his father’s legacy of idol worship and doing evil in the sight of the Lord.  We don’t know why but Amon’s servants conspired against him and succeeded in killing him which upset the people who in turn killed the servants and put Amon’s son Josiah on the throne, most likely hoping he would follow in his father and grandfathers ways and continue with the idol worship they were accustomed to.  Josiah was eight years old when this power was thrust upon him but he did right in the sight of God and things started to change.  He went about and personally witnessed the destruction of all the idols, eradicating them completely before returning to Jerusalem to reign.

This is a powerful story for those who look back at their past or their family history and see it going a certain way and feel they are destined to end up on a particular path.  Even though two generations were full of darkness and idolatry, Josiah stood against that and eradicated the legacy of darkness of his forefathers and chose a better way. We should remember that’s an option for us.

When we became adopted sons and daughters of God that changed our heritage and cut off the history that we think we are destined to repeat.  We aren’t told that it will be easy, but by looking at stories like this and worshipping God, our minds are renewed so we have God’s mind so we can live and walk in a way that is pleasing to Him. That in turn reveals our Heavenly Father to those around us.















Father, thank you that you have adopted me into your family so that my past doesn’t have to dictate my future.  Thank you that in you I have a fresh start, please help me to realise that is the truth when I struggle and help me to remember that through your Holy Spirit, I can have hope.  Amen.

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