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Zephaniah was a prophet in Judah and could trace his lineage back to Hezekiah one of the Godly kings.  This book is a prophecy over Judah which had turned away from God and all we have read today is about judgement. As often happens with the prophets, the judgements come first, the restoration comes later because it’s always God’s heart to restore relationship.

Zephaniah is very specific about what God is unhappy about.  He doesn’t just say “You’re evil and God will punish you”, no, God wants them to know what they’ve done wrong so they can stop, turn away and come and offer worship to the only one who deserves it.  People in that time didn’t have the Holy Spirit living inside them guiding them so they needed prophets to guide them.

It isn’t just behaviour that God is trying to correct, it’s those who put their hope and trust in money. But He points out that those things will pass away (or can be taken).  He isn’t saying money and nice things are bad but flaunting them is. As Timothy says “…the love of money is the root of evil” and that’s a group that Zephaniah is speaking to.  It’s made me wonder if I put too much faith in money and material possessions.

Chapter 1:12 also made me stop and think “…those who are stagnant in spirit”.  God wants us to have a living relationship with Him, one that grows, one that makes us know that He will do good.  He wants us to be alive, awake and pursuing Him fully while also realising that He does the same with us.  Zephaniah’s message is that God wants us to know that He is good and does good because He is good and wants us to have a relationship with Him so we can see and experience that goodness.

After God’s judgements Zephaniah gave Judah a way out, a way to escape. “Seek the Lord, all you humble of the land, who do his commands; seek righteousness, seek humility;” which is part of Jesus’ teaching.  Be humble, accept and live in His righteousness and we will be saved.  He is our righteousness, we just need to walk as He did, humbly, lovingly, knowing that God will do good because He it is His very nature as our Father, shepherd and Saviour to do so.














Father God, thank you that you will always allow me to repent and come back to you, no matter what I have done.  Please, Holy Spirit, speak to me about anything I do that displeases God and give me the strength to change my ways.  Amen.

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