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This is one of the easiest prophetic pictures in the Bible. 2 baskets of figs. One is good, one is bad. Just in case you missed that, we’re told that the good figs were very good, and the bad figs were very bad. Easy. Commentary done!

Of course when we start to look a little closer it’s not quite that simple. In verse 1 we’re told that this was written just after the people had been taken into exile. The exile was a consequence of the wickedness of the people, not their goodness. Verse 5 is key to understanding what is going on here. God says that he will regard as good the exiles from Judah. What seemed to start off as a simple good/bad story is actually a lot more to do with the heart of God than the righteousness of the people.

Hearing from God is vitally important for understanding his heart for the exile. We so often think that God was just getting angrier and angrier through the Old Testament until he finally flipped and punished the people because he was totally done with them.

The truth is so different. As soon as the exile happens God starts affirming that he will regard them as totally good. He will plan for their good, think about building them up, planting them and totally restoring them. He reaffirms the promise that they will be his people, and he will be their God.

Hebrews 4:6 says that God “disciplines the one he loves, and chastises every son whom he receives”. Hebrews then goes on to describe how discipline as actually evidence that you are being treated as a son, and it’s when you stop being disciplined that God has really given up on you. It might sound crazy but that fact that the Lord is teaching you a lesson is actually evidence that he really does believe in you. When God brings to attention that area of our lives that needs work, it’s his stamp of approval that you are completely capable of living higher. If he didn’t think that, he wouldn’t even approach the issue!

If you feel like you’re in exile today, remember that God is looking at you with full assurance that you are good fruit. His plans are for you, not against you. His discipline is for your sake, not his.














Who do you need to look at as good fruit today? Who is God still working on, when you’ve given up? Pray and bless them today!

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