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This is a fascinating chapter. In light of an invasion, the leaders of various nearby nations had sent envoys to Judah to plan a strategy for opposing Babylon. Jeremiah warns them that this exile is part of God’s plan, and to resist is to resist God himself.

The nation of Judah was being sent into exile for repeatedly failing to put God first. They had learnt over centuries how to fend for themselves and make decisions that didn’t honour God. As they lost the ability to honour God with their decisions, they had also lost sight of who he was. Ignoring the prophets’ cries for repentance had meant that they had also missed the prophets’ message of God’s blessing, favour and love for his people.

When disaster loomed they only knew how to turn to themselves, they’d forgotten how to trust in their God. A giant invasion force (potentially the greatest seen in the world up to that time) was threatening their nation. They had so little hope for the future that they were planning a completely hopeless resistance that was surely doomed to failure.

God saw this situation very differently. He could see all the goodness and blessings that were coming their way after the exile. He could see that Babylon was on a limited time span and would be invaded itself in just 70 years (verse 7). He could see that if the people allowed themselves to be taken into exile, they would survive, grow, be restored and come out the other side stronger and more blessed than ever before. He had a plan.

There is a simple choice at play here. Resist invasion and be killed by sword, famine and pestilence. Or be taken into exile and live. The first was hopeless but took no faith. The second was their only hope but took faith in God himself to deliver them.

The people had become so used to relying on themselves that they would rather do something that was doomed to failure than to trust God. They didn’t even know how to think with faith instead of fear.

God’s plan for your life isn’t for you to go down fighting. It’s actually for you to win. Don’t get so caught up with the injustice of what is happening to you that you miss the big picture. Resisting an invasion force sounds really noble. It would make a great movie where everyone dies at the end. That’s not God’s plan for your life. Don’t go down in life proving a point that God isn’t making!










Ask God to help you choose your battles. Where is he calling you to fight? Where is he calling you to be patient and trust him with the victory? Listen to his voice, not just your principles.

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