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In this passage, Jeremiah is telling us what is on God’s heart and how he, Jeremiah, feels about it. He says that he feels his heart is broken and all his bones are shaking, and he feels like a man who is drunk because of the terrible word he has heard from God.

We must note here that the book of Jeremiah is not in chronological order. It is in this chapter that Jeremiah heard from God that the children of Israel were to go into captivity, and it was this that made Jeremiah react like this. Even the land suffered (v.10), because of the evil of Israel. God’s word to the people, through Jeremiah, spoke of Israel’s unfaithfulness. God saw Israel as His wife, and she had committed adultery with other gods. The Prophets and the Priests were ungodly (v.11), and even in His house, behaved wickedly. So, God said, He would bring punishment upon them; He would throw them out of their land. V.20 tells us that God was angry and His anger would not turn back until it had accomplished everything He planned to do. Can anyone hide from God (v.24)? From v.10, to the end of the chapter, God expresses His thoughts at what the Priests and Prophets had done in His name, and in the final two verses He says, “I will assuredly take you up and cast you out of My presence” and “I will bring an everlasting reproach upon you and a perpetual shame which will not be forgotten” (AV).

Reading this chapter, we can feel the pain and heartache that God is feeling. He is sore from the unfaithfulness of His people – He is really hurting. God knows that the only way to bring them back to Himself is to give them a punishment they won’t forget – not because He is sitting in heaven wagging His finger at them, but because their unfaithfulness has caused Him so much pain; and they are hurting themselves by not being close to God. When we distance ourselves from God, we are not only hurting ourselves, but are hurting God also.

Today, God does not judge us the way He did in Old Testament times, but He still expects us to follow His word. In John 8:31, Jesus says, “if you abide in My word you are truly My disciples”.  We must also walk out our faith day to day, and our walk must be in service to God and in service to one another.















Prayer: Help me to walk out my faith with You today. Amen

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