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Lord of Hosts (Adonai Tzavaot) – Redeemer and Defender of His People and a weeping Prophet.

Jeremiah reveals God’s heart towards His people. He had not abandoned Israel and Judah, He was still their God, even though their land was filled with sin against the Holy one of Israel.  God had not forgotten his promise (Ex 6:7).

Jeremiah’s words in this chapter represent the moral government of God.

They remind us that God loves His people. His heart is full of affection and His thoughts towards them are good but because of their rebellion and out of His love for them he used Babylon to chastise them. The theme here is the downfall of tyrannical Babylon and God’s judgment on that nation and her gods. God had used Babylon as a tool to judge Judah, however, because Babylon had done so with extreme arrogance and cruelty, she would be besieged and defeated. God would vindicate His people (v.34 – 44). He would allow a remnant to come out of Babylon and rebuild the house of God in Jerusalem. (v.50)

In the Middle East we have seen Christians being killed, persecuted and fleeing the region.  What is happening is tragic, however, it may also be one of the ways in which God saves His people from a more terrible fate looming on the horizon.

God has made a new covenant with us sealed by the blood of His beloved Son. It is a covenant of grace, all we need to do is respond to His call. God’s heart is broken over the persecution and separation of his children. He wants people like Jeremiah who can weep with him, who are able to speak strong words with tears. God wants us to be His loving voice in a broken world. Are you willing to be that voice?


















Father, I thank you for your love and for revealing your precious Son to us and giving us new life in Him. I pray you will use us as “your battle-axe and sword” supporting and praying for the safety and deliverance of persecuted Christians worldwide.

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