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When I was young, I used to love watching the original ‘Mission Impossible’ series on television. It always had a secret mission, announced on a tape recording which ended with the words, “This recording will self-destruct in 5 seconds.” Then the theme tune would start and the story would unfold.

Today’s passage has a ‘Mission Impossible’ feel about it. Ezekiel was given a mission that God told him would be difficult to complete, because the people he was being sent to speak to would be hardened and stubborn (v.7). Instead of special ‘spy equipment’, all Ezekiel was given to assist him in his mission was a forehead that was harder than the Israelites hearts and a scroll containing a lament that he was to eat before he could start his mission. A strange kind of mission, you might think, but God knew what he was calling Ezekiel to do. He knew the people had to get back on track and he knew it would take someone with a particular gifting to complete the task of breaking down the barriers the people had erected between themselves and God.

The start of the mission was to get them to look back at the blessings they had known in the past, hence the scroll of lament that Ezekiel had to fill himself with, and to begin the process of turning them around to face God again. They were blissfully unaware that their nation had been chosen as God’s people, to be the people God would use to redeem the whole of creation. From among them, God would raise up one who would take the sins of the world upon himself, to set free everyone who was prepared to call on the name of the Lord.

As we progress through this book of lament and prophecy, see if you can spot the references it contains to the future Messiah. Although God stops short of announcing the arrival of the Prince of Peace by name, there are a number of very obvious references made to Jesus.

As far as we are concerned, this passage carries a great deal of relevance. We live in a society where people’s hearts have been hardened towards God and where we, as disciples of the risen Christ, have a mission to call them back. We need to have hardened foreheads and we need to be full of that which God has for us, so that we are equipped to complete the task.











Heavenly Father, please fill us today with wisdom, knowledge, the presence of your Holy Spirit and all the gifting we need to bring your people back to you. Amen.

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