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As you read today’s passage, I wonder what are your thoughts? Can God really be that cruel?  Would God really destroy His chosen people?  Is God really that jealous a God?

As I read the opening verses I am struck by a real sense of God’s love and compassion for His people. God had tried and tried to be reasonable and yet the people still continued in disobedience (v.4-5).  I have found that my God is definitely the God of second, third, fourth and many more chances. We know that it is God’s desire that all men might be saved and this is why He delays the return of Christ at the end of days (1 Tim 2:1-6) but we must not forget that there is a finite time for ‘all men’ to respond!

In verse 6 we see that ‘enough is enough’.  God’s patience had been tested and He was forced to pour out His anger.  And yet again we see the compassion – Jeremiah told people ‘look, you’ve seen what happened in the past when you provoked God, do you really want to continue and provoke Him again?’ (my paraphrase; v.7-10).

What is so surprising is, with all the track record of History and how God has dealt with His people’s disobedience, the defiant reaction of the men who knew their wives were making burnt offerings to other gods (v.15-18).  Both the men and the women were complicit in doing these detestable things and try to justify their actions by declaring that during the time they did these things they enjoyed a certain level of prosperity ‘At that time we had plenty of food and were well off and suffered no harm’ (v.17b). A logical argument.

Have you ever asked yourself why it is that people who do not follow God, seem to have a good life and enjoy all the spoils?  Why on earth would someone enjoying prosperity and all that the world can offer, want to turn to God?  We shouldn’t be surprised when people reject the message of Christianity, for the world is indeed a dark seductress, and the way of the world is very, very appealing.

The essence of free will can be seen at the end of verse 26 – ‘Go ahead then…….’  God allows each man (and woman) freedom to live out their lives as they chose, but judgement will ultimately come (v.26-30).















Father, give me opportunities to explain, with love and compassion, the ultimate destiny to those I meet who do not acknowledge Jesus as Lord and Saviour, so at least they are aware of the consequences of the choices they make. Amen.

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