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From the earliest years of our lives we have all had people looking after us, or “watching” over us. They may have been parents, siblings, friends or family and later on there were teachers, helpers, professors and mentors.  These different people “watched out” for us to keep us safe, help us grow enhancing our learning and achievements as we matured.

Ezekiel had already spoken to the people in the context of being “Watchmen” in chapters 3:17-21 and 18:25-29.  Every Jew who lived in a walled city knew what Ezekiel was referring to when talking about Watchmen on the walls, for they were vitally important in defending their cities.  If the Watchmen were faithful and alert, they would keep their eyes on the horizon and give warning if enemies approached, then lives would be saved as long as the people were obedient.  However, if the Watchmen were careless, lives could be lost and the city captured.  Ezekiel was a faithful Watchman who brought God’s word to the Jews in Babylon as well as Judah – “Repent and turn from your sins” he said.  True repentance was essential if the people were to be in a right relationship with God.  Remorse, regret and even righteousness would not save anyone if he disobeyed God.  However if a person “turns away” from sinning then he will live.  These principles are still essential for us to understand and practise for we should be Watchmen bringing God’s word to those we know who do not fully understand God’s grace.

Verses 23 – 29 tell of the time when the Babylonians had left the poorest people to care for the fields and the ruins.  They believed they had a right to the land they protected, but they had disobeyed God in aspects of their behaviour (v.25-26) and could not inherit the land and would be killed in battle or by wild animals.  Sadly the Babylonian Army set fire to Jerusalem on 14th August 586 BC and five months later news arrived in Babylon that Jerusalem and the Temple were destroyed.  Ezekiel knew in his spirit these events had taken place and after hearing it he was able to speak to the people.  He could now be their Pastor, but still they refused his spiritual guidance.  The people were careless and insincere and did not take God’s word to them seriously.















Heavenly Father, help us to be careful as we steward Your word and as we act as Your watchmen. Help us to use the tools You’ve provided as faithful, vigilant and obedient Watchmen for Jesus. Amen.

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