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Do you remember the prophecy against Edom in chapter 25:12-14?  It is interesting that our chapter today refers again to Edom’s treachery. The Edomites were known to have betrayed their relationship with Israel by plundering their land.  The word “Edom” does not occur in this chapter instead the name “Mount Seir” is used. This refers to the mountainous region east of the Arabah, the rift valley running south from the Dead Sea where the rose-red city of Petra could be found.  The colour of the porphyritic stone anciently quarried in Egypt, was almost certainly the origin of its name which is Hebrew for “red”!  This was also a nickname given to Esau Jacob’s twin brother!

In this mountainous area lived the Edomites – descendants of Esau who maintained hostility towards the Israelites verses 5-6, although they were kinsmen. The Edomites cannot be held totally responsible for the bad relationships between the two nations, see for example Genesis 25:2, 27:1-4, 2Kings 8:20, Psalm 137:7 to cite a few!  Through Ezekiel God reminded the Edomites (Mount Seir) about the sins against their brethren when they helped the Babylonians in attacking the Israelites during the siege of Jerusalem.  Esau vowed to do this and his descendants accomplished the vow when they killed their own blood relatives.  The Edomites were accused of their perpetual hatred of the Jews, for their desire to take over more territory and for their cruelty when Jerusalem was destroyed, and so God’s judgement was meted out on them.  The descendants of Esau were greedy and wanted to claim Judah and Samaria for themselves.  However, God had given the land of Canaan to Abraham and his descendants – Jacob, not Esau.  The Edomites wanted to change God’s plans, but God fulfilled his purposes 35:10-15.  The ownership of the land had already been settled, but ultimately the Jews’ possession of that land depended on their faith and obedience.  God through Ezekiel brings words of hope to the Jews saying that the possession and enjoyment of the land that had been promised would be restored to them one day, and the exiles would return.

The Israelites had to realise that their only “hope” was in God.  For us too “Hope” is essential to life – “Where’s there’s life there’s HOPE” we say!  Where is your hope? 













Make sure your hope is firmly fixed in Jesus Christ.  Pray these words for yourself and for others you know who need HOPE: – “May the God of HOPE fill me with all joy and peace as I trust in him, so that I may overflow with HOPE by the power of the Holy Spirit.” (Romans 15:13.)

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