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It’s always fascinated me how some people appear to live very successfully whilst being totally disorganised. Life just seems to be one great whirlwind of chaos and yet somehow things seem to work out right despite the constant state of turmoil. Of course that’s not always the case and for many more people any hint of disorganisation means that their whole world falls apart. I guess that I probably fall somewhere between those two places. I’m a binge tidier, in other words I’ll let the mess get to a certain point and then I can’t continue until I’ve sorted it out.

When you read what God asks people to do you soon realise that there appear to be a lot of rules and regulations. Today’s passage is a perfect example of that. We read that certain sacrifices are to be made at certain times, the temple is to be open at certain times and the people and their Prince are to enter and leave in a prescribed way. There is order to the proceedings, a sense that there is a right way to do things and a wrong way. A way that will inevitably please God and a way that won’t.

But there’s something else here and that is that God sees the way that we live life and he knows that sometimes it can be chaotic and disorganised and He knows that they only way to maintain a healthy spiritual life is keep it organised and disciplined. He knows that there is a way to keep things in their proper order and perspective and that’s through having a set of ground rules to follow. If an appointed time to make a sacrifice comes and we haven’t planned for it there might not be the required lamb, grain or bull available. If we haven’t thought in advance about the timing of the various festivals to celebrate we’ll inevitably find that other things fill the diary and so God gets squeezed out (you can fill in the modern equivalents). Gradually our relationship with God is overtaken by the busyness of life until we find that our relationship with Him has become a side issue that we ‘do’ when we have time. The essence of it is that we should prioritise God and let everything else follow. Interestingly, finding order in our spiritual life usually brings order in other places.















Father God, help me to prioritise You in all that I do. Help me to serve You in an orderly way and to find peace and satisfaction in the good order of all things on earth and in heaven. Amen.

Merry Christmas!

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