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Daniel was about 67 years old in this time and he was still in Babylon, and a new King, Belshazzar was on the throne. Daniel was lying on his bed when he had visions from God. He dreamed of the sea churning and four beasts coming out of the sea (v. 1 -3).

The first beast was like a lion with the wings of an eagle, the wings were torn off and the beast made to stand on two feet. Then he saw a second beast, which looked like a bear which was raised up on one side and had three ribs in its teeth.

The third beast looked like a leopard with four wings, and four heads, and the fourth beast had teeth like iron which crushed and devoured its victims, and it had ten horns.

Verse 15 and following verses interprets this dream/vision for us. This vision was a prophecy of the future. Four “beasts” or kingdoms will arise from the earth. Verses 9 to 14 tells of Almighty God and what will happen in heaven after the Rapture and how the powers of evil will be stripped of their authority.

Then Daniel wanted to know the meaning of the fourth beast, and the one whom he asks says it is a different kind of kingdom. This one will arise after the Rapture, and he will cause great trouble on the earth. But then after a time, his power would be taken away and his kingdom destroyed forever. Then, verse 27 tells us, the sovereignty and the kingdoms will be handed over to the Saints (that’s us), under the authority of Almighty God. His kingdom will be an everlasting Kingdom. Verse 28 tells us Daniel was troubled by this vision, but kept it to himself.

In Matthew 4 verses 8 – 9, when Jesus was being tempted by Satan, Satan says to Jesus he will give Him all the nations of the earth, implying he has the power over them. Jesus does not argue with this. The truth is that he did have power over all the nations until Jesus died; but then all authority in heaven and earth was given to Jesus. He bought us back, He paid for us with His blood. Now all authority belongs to Him.



















“Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.” Amen.

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