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This vision came to Daniel two years after the previous one. Daniel was taken in his vision to Suza, which is 230 miles east of Babylon.

Daniel saw a vision of a ram. The ram charges about to the west, north and south, and no animal could stand against him. Then Daniel saw a goat with one horn. The goat fought with the ram and beat him. Nothing could stand against him. But eventually, the goat’s horn was broken off and four new horns come up in its place. Out of one of them came a small horn which grew, and verse 11 tells us, “It set itself up to be as great as the Prince of the host” and it desecrates the Temple of God. Then the voice of the Holy One tells Daniel it will take 2,300 days until the sanctuary will be re-consecrated.

Verses 15 to the end are the interpretation that Daniel received about this vision. Gabriel is called to tell Daniel what it means.

Gabriel told Daniel that this is what was going to happen in the “time of wrath.” He says the two horned ram represents Media and Persia. The goat is the King of Greece, and the large horn is the first King. The four horns that replaced the broken one are the kingdoms that emerged from this nation. The King of Greece that was spoken about, is Alexander the Great, and the four horns that came from him are the four generals that took over when Alexander died.

Then we move to the very end of time when “a stern faced king” shall arise. This is another name for the antichrist. We’re told in verse 25 that “he will be destroyed, but not by human power.” This is the vision of the distant future, and the last verse tells us that Daniel was exhausted and lay ill for several days. He is nearly 70 by now.

This can be seen as quite a disturbing passage, but we know that our God is sovereign, and is in control. We read that this evil will be destroyed by God.

When Jesus died for us He took away all power from Satan. The time we live in is called “the time of the Gentiles” and will finish when the Rapture takes place.

Then we will move to the time of the “stern faced king”.

We live in a time where our enemy only has the power we give him.

Jesus has conquered him. He reigns. Hallelujah.














Help me to remember today that You are Lord of all, and I am under Your protection, whatever today brings. Amen

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