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Haman was an arrogant noble who was promoted by King Xerxes to a high position in the court. He loved his place of authority and demanded that everyone bow to him. Mordecai disapproved of Haman’s appointment but why would he not bow to Haman? As a Jew he had been brought up to adhere to the Jewish laws and Exodus 20:1-3 forbids a Jew to kneel or worship anyone or anything other than God. Other officials told Haman about Mordecai, the Jew, not honouring him as he demanded, and Haman became very angry. When a single Jew refused to kneel before Haman he reacted by planning to wipe out the whole Jewish population in the Persian empire. Rather an over reaction you may think. Haman is a descendant of the Amalekites who had a long-standing hatred of the Jews. They were the people who were the first to attack the Israelites when they entered the Promised Land and so God instructed Saul to destroy them all, although he didn’t. Haman saw the disobedience of Mordecai as a threat to his power – not just from this one man but from the whole Jewish nation – a blood thirsty example of anti-Semitism.

Haman told Xerxes about “some people” in the Kingdom that did not obey the King’s laws and he offered to pay for the people to be destroyed if the King demanded it. As we have already learned – once the King made a decree, it could not be undone. Little did Xerxes know that by making this ruling he was signing the death warrant for his own wife.

However, Haman had cast lots (thought to include astrology and the positions of the stars on certain days) to determine the lucky month for when this killing was to take place, and this is where the work of God becomes evident. I love the fact that Haman thought he was in control when in fact God was all over it (Genesis 1:16). The killing was to occur 11 months later – plenty of time for the Jews to be saved!



















Action: We as Christians must remember to never let any other person or institution take God’s place – we must make a stand to honour our one and true God. We are to stand by our convictions just as Mordecai did.

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