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This chapter starts with King Belshazzar throwing a lavish feast and deciding to take the sacred artefacts that had been stolen from the temple when the Israelites had been captured and exiled.  Everyone started drinking out of the wine goblets that were only for use in the temple, defiling them.  God gets everyone’s attention by writing a message on the wall, however, it isn’t until Daniel is brought in that the meaning of the message is. All the astrologers and diviners at Belshazzar’s disposal couldn’t interpret it.  Daniel’s interpretation came too late though and Belshazzar was killed that night.

It was Belshazzar’s arrogance that led to his downfall, it wasn’t until Daniel told him that he owed his very breath to God and his kingdom, warning him that his reign was coming to an end.  It was too late though and due to the prophecy being carried out, it’s unlikely he repented or turned to God.

Daniel was remembered by the Queen who knew he had supernatural knowledge due to his behaviour towards King Belshazzar’s father.  She knew it was “from the spirit of the holy gods” and although she didn’t understand it was the one and only God, she understood that he knew things no one else did. But Daniel made sure that God was given glory when he did interpret.

Although the king didn’t know who Daniel was, there were people who did and who knew he could be relied upon to give wisdom and revelation.  This reputation wasn’t given to him out of thin air, it was based on his good character and nature, earned because of how he handled himself; uncompromisingly. That’s how we need to be.  We need to be known for our good character, as people who are reliable, people others want to be around and that’s something that comes by spending time with God seeking Him rather than living out of our human nature.  I find it so easy to react out of my human nature and not see situations as God sees them. That’s an attitude I want to change and by reading His word, worshipping, reading stories of other people’s victories and listening to others I’ll become encouraged and my faith will rise. Through that, I’ll be able to encourage others and lead them to a God who looks out for us.







Father God, thank you that as I spend time with you I become more like you, someone others can rely on and who they’ll turn to in times of trouble.  Help me to stand out from the crowd and be different so I can lead them to you.  Amen.

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