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This takes place in the year following Daniel 5, Babylon has fallen to the Medes and Daniel has realised that a prophecy of Jeremiah is being fulfilled so Daniel begins interceding for the nation of Israel by praying and fasting.

Daniel understood that Israel was in the state it was in because they hadn’t obeyed God – they were told the punishment for disobeying the law and they broke it, they worshipped other gods but God is merciful and said (through Jeremiah) that this  punishment would last for 70 years.

The end of the 70 years was coming and Daniel was getting ready, fasting, praying and interceding for the nation to bring an end to their exile and to try and get Israel back on track with God.

It’s admirable how Daniel interceded for the entire nation, knowing full well that they were guilty of the sin they were charged with. Just like Abraham pleading for Sodom and Gomorrah, he also pleaded with God, and God heard and answered in an awesome way!   He was probably one of the most righteous and blameless of God’s people but he still counted himself in there with them.

Daniel knew that Israel has no righteousness of its own so didn’t intercede based on Israel’s righteousness but on what he knew about God, that He is loving, kind and forgiving.  God’s answer wasn’t to ignore Israel’s unrighteousness but to give them His righteousness (although that amazing truth isn’t revealed here).  Daniel’s relationship with God and his understanding of God’s character helped him to pray some very big prayers which get answered.  I’m often afraid to pray ‘big’ but we have a Father who loves us and those around us.  Father God wants our friends, our families, our co-workers, our neighbours to know Him

God’s answer is that Israel will be able to rebuild but with a warning that times will be tough. He says that a prince will come – this is a prophecy about Jesus coming (an anointed one).  God was going to answer their prayers in a way “immeasurably greater than they could ask or imagine” [Eph 3:20] but they wouldn’t notice it as we well know. I wonder how often I have missed God’s blessing because it took a form I wasn’t expecting.













Father God, thank you that you heard Daniel’s prayer and answered it.  Thank you for the heart of intercession you put in him and I ask that by your Holy Spirit, you’d help me to intercede for those around me so they can be set free and know you.  Amen.

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