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Once again we see Daniel’s good character and how it helps him gain influence.  This is a story that we learn in Sunday School where Daniel gains a place of power for having wisdom and good character because of his relationship with God.  He’s preferred over the other regional leaders which causes them to become jealous.  They force Daniel into either worshiping some other god, or to facing certain death in the lion’s den.  Daniel chooses God and is thrown in. He doesn’t try to justify himself, he takes his punishment but is miraculously saved (even the King was rooting for him).  The outcome is that Daniel’s accusers suffer the same punishment Daniel was to face and the King makes a decree that everyone, in all the world, in every language should turn to the God of Daniel.

Daniel continues to worship and pray to God (in full view of everyone else, not in secret, without shame) even though he knew the consequences could mean death.  I think he fully expected to die in the lion’s den but with the hope and expectation that he’d end up with his God. However, God had plans for Daniel and he was allowed to prosper further.

What stands out is that Daniel didn’t deny his behaviour, twist it or try to justify it and I think it was his boldness, courage and faith that helped him survive the lions receive his promotion and glorify God across the World.  He revealed God because he refused to deny Him and by doing that, God was able to move and show His power opening up an opportunity for Daniel to tell Darius what he knew.

It’s exciting that the king is the one who writes the letter for the whole world to read.  He preached God to everyone and all because Daniel refused to deny who God was or that he worshipped Him.  It’s easy for us to leave out that we went to church when people ask us how our weekend was.  I know we don’t experience the persecution that Daniel was faced with but how often do we act like we are?  I’m going to try and make a conscious effort to mention church at work on Monday, will you join me and see what happens!
















Father, I’m sorry that I sometimes live in fear of people and hide my faith away.  Please help me to be bold, to not hide who I am and to allow the good character of the Holy Spirit within me to make me an influencer in my work and social groups so people get a chance to see you.  Amen.

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