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There is a tiny recurring phrase in our bibles, which is rather lamely translated in English ‘to go up’.  This appears at the end of the Chronicles reference and immediately after in our bibles in Ezra 1:3, 1:5 and 1:11, to name but three examples.  In fact, the Bible is full of this tiny phrase ‘Allya’, as a phonetic spelling of the original might render it.  It turns out that ‘going up to Jerusalem’ is a major theme of the Old Testament and a major theme in the history of the Jews.  To this very day the Jews believe this call is still theirs and are once again in their long history being motivated to make Allya, as they call it and return to their homeland.

Of course we, as Christians, have a different take on these pieces of scripture, and I shall come to that in a moment.  It may help us in our understanding of scripture, however, if we grasp the extent to which the return to the Promised Land is so intimately linked to the promises of God.  A literal understanding of the Old Testament tells the Jews that they will have an ultimate return to Israel, a temple and the sacrifices prescribed by Moses in Leviticus. They continue to live with these hopes, since they, just as we Christians do, absolutely trust all the promises of God.

Jesus Christ fulfilled all of these promises, but the Jews are not therefore necessarily mistaken in their expectation that there is future fulfilment.  They have been back in the Promised Land since 1948, having lost that position for the previous 1900 years.  Is this, as most in the Church believe, a mere political accident of history or is there a divine influence at work?  It is possible that even though largely secular, and even though largely unbelieving as far as faith in Christ goes, that the Jews will have their land, their temple and their sacrifices restored.  They will be empty and futile as far as salvation is concerned, but they will get them.  The book of Revelation suggests as much.  Finally, they will en masse, receive faith in Christ too, as the apostle Paul teaches in Romans 11:26, these other restorations being instrumental in that happening.















Pray for the illumination of the Holy Spirit regarding the issue of the Jews being back in the Promised Land, since our understanding of this may help illuminate our understanding of the whole bible.

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