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We have reached the final chapter of the book of Daniel and, appropriately, it addresses the very end times as its theme. Once more we are met with prophetic words which we cannot possibly fully understand – not least because Daniel himself was given no inside knowledge when he received them.

The threat of terrible times is certain. Whatever the world has witnessed since its creation will not compare to the events of those days to come. Right at the outset, however, are statements which should give us confidence: Michael, the highest angel in heaven, will be on the move. Anyone who has experienced the presence of angels will know that Michael represents the most extreme version of heavenly protection there is. With him on our side, we need fear nothing. The second source of hope is that everyone who has their name written in the book of life will be spared. Many will perish, but God’s chosen ones will be delivered.

The prophecy is to be sealed up until the times it speaks of. We have its words to read, of course, but the message is entire and self-contained, not to be adjusted by future generations who will inevitably misinterpret its truths. Many will seek after knowledge (v.4) but there is a lingering sense of mystery over the whole thing.

Daniel asked a direct question: When will this event take place? But he received only a riddle in reply. Pressing further, he asked: What’s the end result of all this? Again, the gentle deflection of his anxiety, “Be on your way.”

Ever since we met Daniel in chapter one, we have seen his devotion to God, his steadfastness. He has been unflinching in his trust in God. He has been rescued from the fire and spared from the lions. He has sought God for supernatural understanding and been given it. In response, God has trusted him with one of the most detailed accounts of what will happen at the end of all time. But, not even Daniel was to receive the privilege of understanding.

Sometimes we look at those we consider to be wiser, more mature than us in the faith, and assume that God answers their prayers and keeps Himself visible and available to them 24/7. Not so! Even those of us who have had extraordinary encounters with God will be sometimes told, gently but firmly, to go on our way, and to rest in the knowledge that He has it all covered.












Lord, I pray for peace in the storm, trust in times of anxiety, rest in your safe embrace. You are all I need. Thank you!

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