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It’s only a day later and God speaks through Haggai again, to reassure the people they need to stay on track.  They have to start small and they have to keep going.  Remember that God gave them the Land bit by bit and in the same way the restoration is going to come.  But it is going to come and the earth shaking and the wonders too.

We all love it large – we aren’t really in the ‘small is beautiful’ era – at home we often talk about how HUGE the new Mini cars are in contrast to the original version. We like it large.  Big bands, big worship, big personalities, lots of (not big!) bums on seats, big cakes – the fairy cake has become the humungous cup-cake!  Pre-exiled Judah and Israel had been small but sometimes very powerful countries, with Jerusalem gorgeous in its palaces and the Temple.  It’s now all ruins and the exiles are living amongst them, re-building their Temple and following way more closely in the little things.

So God starts to speak to them, ‘Be strong for I am with you.’ And that’s what I need.  Our place here up North is very little, but God says, ‘Be strong and work, for I am with You’ -we have 400 households here and they aren’t saved!  You may be in a household of 1 believer – God says, ‘Be strong and work, for I am with You’ and look what He promises to do!   Once these people were utterly defiled (2.14) but now they are being restored, part of that restoration appears to be a re-calibrating of values (2.15-19), of understanding that blessing is born from obedience and that the loveliest Temple in the world is a place of corruption and death unless those in it are in a right relationship with God.  Peace, power and glory are coming, even to this new smaller temple, because the hearts of those doing the work have been put right.

This situation really speaks to our times, as peoples across the world have the challenges of re-building amidst destruction – whether caused by earthquake, war, weather events or terror attack, God talks about His people being ‘rebuilders of ruins’ (Isaiah 61.4).  There are other ruins, people’s lives ruined by addictions, families ruined by strife or money difficulties.  Pray for those already involved in all sorts of re-building work and ask God where He’s wanting you to join in. I love that bit in Nehemiah where all the different families rebuilding Jerusalem’s wall are named, sons and daughters.















Pray: What rebuilding of ruins would you have me do, Lord Jesus?

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