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Sorry about the tacky title but celebrations are great aren’t they? Especially when you’ve worked hard to achieve something and finally you cross the finish line and declare that it’s done. I used to work in the construction industry and there was always a ‘topping out’ ceremony when the last bit of the roof had been completed. For the Israelites this day marked the end of a major construction project too but theirs signified something much deeper as well. Jerusalem was now theirs once more and it was secure.


There is something fundamental about having a home that you feel safe in. A place where you can lock the doors and be fairly sure that no harm will come to you or your loved ones. Achieving that is something that’s worth celebrating especially after the 70 years of insecurity they had endured in exile. So today we read that they pulled out all the stops and paraded round the newly completed walls finishing up at the House of God to give thanks for His blessings and no doubt to seek His protection for the future. With the completion of secure walls also came the need for the inauguration of a system to manage the stores that were to be kept within them so men were appointed to keep all the goods and produce in order. Real signs of government and order began to form out of the ruins that Jerusalem had been. There was a lot to celebrate and a lot to remember.


When you look at the major celebrations that we have now it’s rather sad that we’ve reached a point in our history where some of them have lost their meaning and value. For many people Christmas has become a time of year when we give and receive presents and Easter is the time when we get chocolate eggs. The significance of what was achieved on those 2 occasions has been diluted or even lost for many people. At Christmas we should celebrate the beginning of the greatest rescue mission in history and at Easter we should celebrate its completion. Our return from exile. Our return to a place of heavenly security. Our return to a place where God’s provision for us is kept securely for all eternity. We should not allow that to be forgotten, diluted or polluted by material things.














Pray that the world does not forget that Jesus gave His life for every single one of us. That His sacrifice was personal. That He did it for you and me. Pray that this nation and others will repent of the sins of pride and self-obsession.

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