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Mordecai, Esther’s uncle, now finds himself in trouble; and not just himself, but the whole of his nation. He puts on sackcloth and ashes, the traditional Jewish way of mourning, and will not eat. News of his behaviour reaches Esther (v.4) but he will not dress normally even for her. Esther sends out her chief eunuch to find out what is going on. Mordecai gives him a copy of the edict that has been sent out saying how the children of Israel will be destroyed, and he asks the eunuch to ask Esther to plead for their lives to the King – saying that if she does not speak up, she might be safe for now, but will eventually be killed along with all her family. Esther knows that she cannot approach the King without an invitation, but sends back a message to Mordecai asking him to get everyone to fast for three days. At the end of these three days, she will go to the King – and if she dies, she dies.


Mordecai asks Esther to consider whether she had been raised to the position of Queen, “for such a time as this”? Do we believe that Almighty God has placed us where we are, so that we can perform His will in our lives?


We are all sinners (Romans 3:23) who can only be saved by the grace of God, yet Almighty God chooses to use us for His glory, if we are willing, just as He used Esther. We may not see what we are achieving in the same way that Esther did, but we can be sure that God has put us where He wants us, to achieve His will; just where we are.


Sometimes we do not appreciate where we are, sometimes it is very difficult for us to be where we are, but if we are open to God’s will in our lives, then we are where He wants us to be.













Prayer: Lord use me today for Your glory in the place You have put me. Amen.

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