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I am writing these notes during the Christmas season, when we, traditionally as a family, always watch a complete series of a chosen DVD collection, and this year it was once again Tolkien’s the ‘Lord of the rings’ trilogy (we’ve watched it many times).


‘One ring to rule them all, one ring to find them, one ring to bring them all, and in the darkness bind them’ is the inscription on the one ring or power, around which the whole trilogy revolves.


Esther had inherited all of Haman’s estate, and Mordecai was brought into the king’s presence and given an elevated position, evidenced by the fact that the king presented him with the king’s signet ring – a mighty ring of power (Est 8:2).  This was a significant and strategic move of the ‘hidden God’.


No document written in the king’s name and sealed with his ring could be revoked (Est 8:8).  Esther was aware of this.  Even though he was now dead, Haman’s evil intent and instructions to wipe out his Jewish enemies were still going to be implemented, by royal decree.  So Esther once again pleaded with the king for her people and presented an alternative strategy to the king.  The solution was to issue a second decree that in effect countered the original decree of Haman without formally revoking it.


The decree was written, that granted the Jews ‘royal’ permission to engage in warfare wherever necessary to protect themselves and their families, and this decree was ‘signed and sealed’ and delivered to every province and made known to every nationality (Est 8:9-13), and Mordecai left the king’s presence dressed in royal robes.


Great significance was attached to the king’s garment in ancient times; wearing his garments was a sign of unique favour.  To wear another’s garment was to partake of his power and stature, honour or sanctity (see also 1 Sam 18:1-4).


We too will possess new garments to wear, clothes that identify us a children of the new covenant, and we too will partake of all God has made available in and through the Lord Jesus (Is 1: 18; Ro 8:16-17; Rev 7:9-17).





* * *




Prayer:  Father, I thank you that because of the cleansing blood of Jesus, I will receive white robes to wear, robes of the covenant relationship I have with you, so that I may be ‘dressed’ appropriately for the life of eternity with you.  Thanks be to God. Amen.

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