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Malachi means Messenger.  Bible scholars are not sure exactly when in the story of the return this book was written. For a while, Zerubbabel had been king in Jerusalem and Ezra came as priest – there were times of great building activity amazing times of feeling God’s love and closeness – like when Ezra read the law and the new temple was dedicated, again is God calling to His people to once more behave with devotion and righteousness. They appear to have been discouraged and looked away from acts of devotion to the prosperity of those living around them.

Romans 5:5 speaks of ‘hope that does not disappoint us’ are we sometimes disappointed in God? Can we place our hope in the wrong thing and then feel angry with God about it?

The call in Malachi is for recommitment, written as if God and the people were having an argument.  The people seem to have misunderstood several things about Yahweh and this had lead them to not wholeheartedly serving Him. God calls his people to examine themselves about 5 particular compromises they have made, each one reflecting their waning, disappointed passion for Yahweh.

All are about not honouring God, not giving God all that is due to the LORD Almighty:

Not sacrificing their best to the LORD. 1:7-14

Not being priests in the way God intended Levi and his descendants to be. 2:1-9

Not being faithful in marriage, divorcing their wives or marrying into families who were not of the people of God. 2:11-16

Not giving their gifts to the LORD which in turn meant the priests who did not have any means to make their own income through work, were not supported with the tithe. 3:8

Seeing their following of Yahweh as ‘futile’ 3:14

What’s God saying?  He’s still saying ‘I want your devotion, I want your heart; here’s what needs to be done and here are the blessings that will come from a restored relationship with me’.

Do I misunderstand God’s greatness?  Do we equate God’s amazingness with an amazing time in church or an amazing lighting rig or lots of people? Is God greater in a stadium at a conference there than in our little Community Centre room with 40 people on a good day?  I love being part of BIG worship but it’s about my heart, it’s about my devotion, God wants BIG devotion! All we want is HIM









‘Lord, you have my heart and I will search for yours, Jesus take my life and lead me on……

And I will praise you, LORD,

And I will sing of love come down.

As you show Your face

We’ll see Your Glory here’                       Martin Smith

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