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A trickster, a prostitute, an outsider, a king, a normal boy, a man known for his wisdom, a humble carpenter and an ordinary girl.  All these people appear in Jesus’ history and all of them played their part in Jesus being born at exactly the right time and place to fulfil prophecies that He is The Messiah.

It’s also the history of God’s people. People reading this would have known those mentioned in this list when they read it and built up to the crescendo of Jesus appearing. It would have taken them through their entire history, the trials, tribulations and triumphs, the times everything seemed to be working for them and the times things all went wrong (usually when they disobeyed God and didn’t see what was right in front of them) and all capped off by Jesus, the fulfilment of all the promises and prophecies, the one they had been waiting for.

You can see from this list, a number of people started off in not the best circumstances but an encounter with God transformed their lives.  Abraham was a nobody until he listened to what God said and was obedient, even though the things God asked him to do seemed impossible.   Some of them initially weren’t born into the right circumstances but through faith they became joined with the Jewish people and became one them (like Rahab who sheltered the spies in Jericho).

It doesn’t matter who or what is in your past Jesus is the redeemer, He is The Messiah and when He comes onto the scene it means there can be a new beginning.  It can also be helpful to look back and see how far you’ve come, what your history with God is, where you’ve known blessing and where you’ve known trouble (but look for God in those times).  I can look back on my life and see where things haven’t gone as I had hoped but I can see that God directed my steps to make the outcome better than if it had gone my way. Let’s do that today, it’ll stir up faith and encourage you.
















Spend some time thinking and praying over what God has done for you, the times you have seen Him move, the times He’s seemed quiet or distant but it’s worked out for good in the end. Maybe write them down and keep them somewhere you can get them when things aren’t going so well.  Ask Him to help you through any difficulties you’re having now.

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