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There are times in life when the weight of the world seems to be resting on our shoulders. The day you get married, get picked to lead a team, start a new project, or step up to a new level of responsibility, can be daunting experiences. There are always expectations that the things you need to achieve are set out, not just before you, but so that the whole world can see. Your triumphs and failures are visible to everyone. Actually the truth of it is that more often than not we place those expectations upon ourselves because our perception is that everybody else will be judging our performance.

Imagine how it must have been for John the Baptist. He was born into a set of expectations that must have put him under exceptional pressure throughout his life and ministry. Not only had things been prophesied about him but miraculous things had happened around his birth. His mother, Elizabeth, had been considered barren and too old to bear children. His father, Zechariah, had been struck dumb during his wife’s pregnancy, because he couldn’t believe what the angel Gabriel had told him about the son she was bearing. Now we read that his inability to speak had been lifted as John was brought for his naming and circumcision. People knew that something extraordinary was happening – these events were clearly outside the natural realm yet people could see them and could testify (v.46) that they had been witnesses to them. John was born with a heavy weight on his infant shoulders.

The truly amazing part about all of this was that John was born to announce the coming of one even greater than himself. He wasn’t even the main actor in God’s plan, which was to be the role of his cousin, Jesus. But isn’t that where the pressure was lifted? John had a particular ministry to fulfil, he had to declare that Jesus, the Messiah was coming to bring salvation to the world and in in doing that he declared that none of the things that had been said about himself or that had happened around him were important. It wasn’t about John the Baptist – it was all about Jesus. Nothing has changed: it’s still all about Jesus. When we get married, lead a team, start up a new project or take on a new level of responsibility, it’s about Jesus. When we share the gospel, pray for someone, or bless a neighbour, there should be no pressure, because it’s not about us, it’s all about Jesus.
















Strengthen me, Lord, to know that You have your sovereign hand over all things. Amen

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