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“Finding yourself” is a popular pursuit in our culture. It may involve taking a sabbatical from work and travelling through foreign countries, in order to throw off the constraints of life as you have known it so far, and to embrace the possibilities of new experiences and mind-sets. It might be simple introspection on a far less grand scale, but all of us, at some point in our lives, ask the questions: ‘Who am I? What am I here for?’

I think, as Christians, these questions are all the more important for knowing that our lives have been redeemed at great cost to our Lord Jesus. It’s a question I mull over often, and the answers come with increasing clarity the more I allow my life to be under His scrutiny.

Today’s passage shows Jesus, at the tender age of 12, knowing exactly who he was and what he should be doing. His parents had presumed him lost among the crowd returning from the Festival. Turning to one set of friends then another, and another, they were being to become frantic, and concluded the best course of action was to go back to the beginning. There, they found him in the Temple, surrounded by other seekers after truth.

They had thought to bring him home, where he belonged. Instead, with eyes sometimes slow to see the truth, they found he was already quite at home. Nor was he there by chance – sitting it out until he could be rescued. He knew he had to be in his father’s house. He had no doubt as to his purpose and identity.

How can we have such assurance? How can we avoid being just one in a crowd? What sets us apart to have the unique lives God intended? Above all, we need to know who we belong to. Our parents were part of God’s plan, certainly, but our background need not define us. We are adopted into God’s family now. The place where we can be our truest self and feel most at home is in His presence.
















Look up Psalm 139 and read through it slowly. Mull over the truth that you are fearfully and wonderfully made, that God knows your thoughts and watches over your movements. Allow that truth to penetrate.

“I am Yours, Lord. My life is in Your hands. I trust Your loving guidance of my actions. I surrender all I am and hope to be into Your care. Amen.”

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