In this chapter, Isaiah speaks to the Israelites, again, with more challenging messages from God.  As mentioned yesterday, Israel’s leaders were unaware of their dire situation, or perhaps they just refused to face facts!  Isaiah’s biting honesty pinpoints their failings – they loved to sleep when and where they ought not to: “blind watchmen” Isaiah calls them.  They were certainly not as alert as official governmental leaders should have been, and they loved to eat and drink too much! Incidentally, the prophet Ezekiel speaks of spiritual leaders being “Watchmen” – see Ezekiel 3 v.17-21.  The Watchmen needed to be wide awake, as well as being continually aware of the dangers that surrounded God’s people. Ezekiel also refers to the importance of good leaders being like “Shepherds” who must take care of the flock, putting the safety and care of the sheep ahead of personal desires.

In Isaiah’s time, God in his love allowed the unrighteous leaders to live; ultimately they suffered the consequences of their sins, and the righteous people died before God’s judgement came.  During the last days of Judah and Jerusalem, before Babylon came, the whole land was polluted with shrines built for the worship of pagan gods.  Isaiah’s message was that God would punish them for their idolatry and their persistence in breaking his laws.  However, they ignored the prophet and the messages from God that Isaiah regularly brought them.  God, our Holy God, views adultery and prostitution as idolatry and it seems that the Israelites were committed, even devoted to the idols at their pagan shrines which were everywhere.  The leaders of the people also made pacts with the leaders of the neighbouring pagan nations, trusting in them rather than God (v.9).  Furthermore, they tried to find strength and help in these alliances, and failed to understand that the idols were in reality completely useless to them (v.10).

Having a deep and continuous relationship with God helps us to keep close to him, enabling us to know his will for us; for we can trust him implicitly whatever comes our way.  Although the situation was very dark and frightening for the Israelites, God still offered a word of hope, if only they’d turned back to him.  “Peace, peace to those far and near …. and I will heal them” he said…v.57, but, they would not listen!














Father God, I praise and thank you that I know Jesus as my Saviour, Lord and King.  Please help me to keep him in the centre of my life, in all I do and say.  May my life reflect Jesus and draw others to your great love. Amen. 

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