Faced with the dire situation of living under siege by the dreaded Babylonian Army the People of God seem to have gone into a period of prayer.  They searched their hearts for where they had gone wrong in their relationship with God.  This resulted in what seems to have been a collective understanding that they had not treated their Jewish slaves fairly.  As a result King Zedekiah, his court officials and princes decided to hold a covenant making ceremony promising to free the slaves.  This ‘good behaviour’ however was short-lived. Once the situation started to improve and the siege was lifted, and the people forgot the covenant promises they had made and they brought back their slaves.  At this point, God reminded His people of the slavery laws he instituted in Deuteronomy and threatened them with the consequences of breaking their covenant promises. (v. 15-22)

God has called His people to be a community, a corporate body who live in faithful obedience to Him. Sometimes we may find it easier to make promises and commitments in public than to carry through with those promises and obligations individually and in private. Such behavior may have serious consequences not just upon us as individuals but upon our families, and community. We will not physically die, however, our sin will result in a type of spiritual death.  We may feel guilty, or disconnected from God.  Our sin, even as believers, hurts the heart of God and grieves His Spirit (Ephesians 4:30). Though it does not sever our relationship with Him, our sin puts a barrier between us. Where there is sin, God sent His Son to be a Saviour.  His purpose remains the same: to create a whole family of people who will bear the image of His Son throughout eternity.


















Father, I thank you for our Saviour who gave us new life in Him. I pray you will keep us close to your heart and faithful to your Word that we your Covenant people will be the place where Your honour, glory, power and majesty will be found.

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