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    Church history suggests that significant movements of God are stimulated by the combination of deepening foundations in theology, ministry and mission. Westminster Theological Centre (WTC) works in partnership with local churches to build these foundations by delivering dynamic, practical, mission-minded theological study in the presence and power of the Holy Spirit, in order to equip the whole Body of Christ to see Jesus’ kingdom grow.


    The East Anglia Hub was established at Fountain of Life in September 2010, out of a vision for delivering high-quality charismatic training/study in the region, specifically for equipping and releasing people into their calling to be leaders and disciplers, in both mission and church contexts.


    We believe it is hugely significant that this excellent training is available in East Anglia, and so it is a vital part of how we resource the region.




    The East Anglia Hub meets on a Tuesday evening (6.00-10.00pm) and currently offers the following courses:


    Undergraduate Certificate

    This one year part-time course is open to everyone. It offers an excellent opportunity to explore the foundations of the Christian faith and to begin wrestling with some of the big questions of life.


    Cert HE in Kingdom Theology

    The part-time BA course offers a comprehensive and engaging study programme, designed for those seeking breadth and depth in their theological understanding.


    Graduate Diploma in Kingdom Theology

    This is a two year part-time course for those wanting to study Theology who have a degree in any subject.



    Our students have come from right across the region, such as Cambridge, Colchester, Norwich, Peterborough, and Great Yarmouth. They have a diverse variety of life and work experience, from ordained ministers to youth workers to lay leaders and worship leaders to those leading in business and those with no leadership experience at all. In each case we have seen their study have a significant impact on their lives, and have seen so many examples of God transforming people, growing faith and releasing vision.


    “The community that has developed, the insight and revelation that has been gained, and most crucially, God’s wonderful interference as we have participated, all have come together to make this so much more than a theology course … I personally have never experienced education in a form that has so much power, so much relevance, and brings so much freedom.”

    Phil, former student


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