Vision + Values

    January 01, 2018

    Our Aspirations

    We hope that this church will be:
    • A place where the presence of God is tangible
    • A place where people make friends easily
    • A place where the wounded are made whole
    • A place where new people are regularly coming to faith in Jesus
    • A place where new believers grow as disciples in following Jesus
    • A place where potential in people is realised
    • A place where every person’s gifts and talents are used to the glory of God
    • A place where each person is equally valued
    • A place which is fun to belong to
    • A place which has a reputation for excellence in all that it does
    • A place which reaches out to the wider community and embraces the poor

    Our Aims

    We seek to:
    • Consistently preach the full picture of God as revealed in the Bible
    • Deliver relevant teaching across the ages
    • Provide worship which encourages and enables us to meet with God
    • Create space for God to move by the power of His Spirit
    • Provide opportunities for people to turn to Christ
    • Enable each person to experience healing and wholeness
    • Grow a loving and fun-filled community committed to God and one another
    • Train and equip people to realise their full potential in Christ
    • Explore creatively ways of telling others the good news of Jesus
    • Serve our local community and meet practical needs

    Our Values

    We value:
    • The person of God, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit
    • Each individual uniquely created in the image of God
    • The authority of the Word of God and the whole counsel of God as revealed in the Bible
    • The renewing power of the Holy Spirit.
    • The family of God as a place in which we become whole
    • Worship in releasing encounter with God
    • Every member released in ministry
    • The capacity of all ages to meet with God

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