Livestreaming Policy

    February 06, 2024

    Fountain of Life Church Sunday Services Livestreaming Statement

    Purpose and scope: To establish the means by which FoL church livestreams services and ministries, to establish safe boundaries within which this facility might operate and to establish how media platforms should be used to support and display such services and ministries.

    The purpose of livestreaming services and ministries is to allow those who are unable to worship collectively access to do so from home. It must be recognised that livestreaming meets a clear need for those who are housebound or unable to attend services in person. However, it also presents some problems that should be addressed.

    FoL will make Sunday Services accessible via a private link made available to FoL members.  Such links will be changed from time to time and should not be shared by church members receiving such links.  This replaces the previous arrangement established during Covid.  Sermons and reading recordings will be audio only and will be posted on the FoL website. 

    Safeguarding and GDPR

    If children or vulnerable people are invited to go to the stage the cameras should be set to a wide shot and should not zoom in on them.

    This policy aims to make the church membership aware that the service is being viewed by church members at home but that services are not widely available.  This will also be referred to from time to time in weekly services.  Should any member wish to raise a concern they should contact the Church Leader.

    Detailed personal information that might identify a person’s place of residence or means to contact them must not be shared during a sermon without prior consent to ensure GDPR compliance.

    Media platforms: The livestream should only use technology agreed by the church council.  Previous content filmed via YouTube should be removed.

    Every endeavour must be made to ensure that the highest standards of production possible are maintained. To that end video and sound quality should be monitored throughout a livestream and presented appropriately.  

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