Safeguarding Principles Policy Children and Young People in the Church

    February 06, 2024



    Safeguarding Principles Policy


    Children and Young People in the Church


    This Safeguarding Principles Policy should be read and used in conjunction with Promoting a Safer Church Policy Statement which was approved by Diocesan Synod on 21/10/2017.



    This policy was adopted by Fountain of Life Church at the Church Council meeting held on 17th June 2023 It will be displayed in a prominent position, reviewed annually, and amended as necessary.


    1. It is the responsibility of all church members to do their best to prevent the physical, sexual, emotional and spiritual abuse or neglect of children and young people, and to report abuse that is alleged or suspected.
    2. This church will observe Church of England guidelines with regard to Children and Young People. It will support and resource workers who are appointed by the Church Council, and provide for them supervision as a way of maintaining good practice.
    3. Workers will be expected to undertake the Safeguarding Training that is offered by the Diocese and they may be required to obtain a DBS disclosure and complete a Confidential Declaration before commencing their work.
    4. Responsibility for the appointment of workers shall rest with the Church Council.


    The Named Persons appointed by the Church Council to oversee the implementation of this policy and to represent the concerns and views of children and young people are Fiona Wilson and Rosemary Lovegrove-Smith.


    Tel: Fiona Wilson (07748 826406)

           Rosemary Lovegrove-Smith (07740 177965)

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