Health, Safety and Welfare Policy Statement for the Fountain of Life and Cornerstone Building Trust

    February 06, 2024


    Health, Safety and Welfare Policy Statement for the Fountain of Life and Cornerstone Building Trust


    1. Aims


    1. The trustees of the Fountain of Life and Cornerstone Building Trust recognise the relationships between identifying and controlling risks and general health and safety. This health and safety policy is designed to secure the commitment, involvement and well-being of those who are engaged as trustees or as volunteers as well as visitors or others working in the Well Christian Centre
    2. The trusts are committed, so far as is reasonably practicable, to developing a positive health and safety culture in which health and safety objectives are regarded as intrinsic to all of our activities.
    3. Fountain of Life and The Cornerstone Building Trust are committed to providing the resources necessary to implement and improve the health and safety policy, so far as is reasonable and practicable, ensuring the health and safety of others who may be affected by our activities.
    4. To provide safe and healthy conditions for all those who we engage with as a body and comply with all current legislation and codes of practice etc.


    1. Responsibilities of the Trust


    1. To produce and display the health and safety objectives of the Trusts and to update it as necessary.
    2. To ensure that the management of health and safety is a prime consideration in all activities conducted within the boundaries of the Well Christian Centre and The Stables.
    3. To ensure that all concerned parties, be they trustees, volunteers or interested parties are consulted, involved and committed to the policy and its implementation.
    4. To work towards the implementation of the policy.
    5. To provide appropriate training, instruction and supervision to enable trustees and volunteers to perform their duties safely and competently.
    6. To make available all necessary safety equipment and to ensure its correct use and maintenance.
    7. To make regular review of the policy and ensure that it complies with relevant legislation.


    1. Responsibilities of the Trustees
    1. To be responsible for the implementation of the Safety Policy and arrangements relating to the offices they hold.
    2. To ensure that any relevant literature which pertains to health and safety in the Well Christian Centre and The Stables is made available to trustees or volunteers and that such individuals are conversant with it.
    3. To ensure that in the event of an accident or incident appropriate first aid is available and that further medical assistance is obtained if required.
    4. To ensure that the circumstances of accidents and incidents are investigated and reported on.
    5. To ensure that all trustees and relevant volunteers are conversant with the accident procedure and the correct reporting of an accident/incident.


    1. Responsibilities of Volunteers and Visitors

    The Fountain of Life and The Cornerstone Building Trusts stress the importance of full co-operation from all those involved in the running of The Well Christian Centre and The Stables and good communications at all levels.

    1. Volunteers and visitors are requested to bring to the attention of trustees or appointed persons any matter which could compromise the health, safety or welfare of those using or visiting the building or its environs.
    2. All volunteers and visitors are respectfully requested to take care of their own health, safety and welfare and that of others so far as is reasonable and practicable.
    3. To make themselves familiar with the safety procedures which affect them during the course of their duties or activities.
    4. To make correct use of safety equipment provided by the trusts at all times.
    5. To report all accidents, incidents or near misses and assist in the investigation of such in order to prevent reoccurrence.
    6. To adhere to the Trust’s policies and procedures, jointly agreed on their behalf, for securing a safe meeting place.
    7. To not interfere with or misuse intentionally or recklessly any equipment or anything provided in the interests of health and safety.


    1. Responsibility of the Health and Safety Officer
    1. To continuously monitor and review the safety of the Well Christian Centre and The Stables.
    2. To review and update the policy as necessary to ensure health safety and welfare of those making use of the facility.
    3. To ensure that the requirements of the policy are complied with so far as is reasonable and practicable.



    This Policy Statement is reviewed annually alongside the full Health and Safety Policy

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