Blenheim Missional Community

    January 01, 2018 | Family

    to bring people on the Blenheim estate, and surrounding area, to a place of relationship with God. To work with local people to build community on the estate and be channels of God’s blessing. To help build worship in the community and see the community impacted by the gospel of Jesus Christ.


    Who is it for:
    our primary focus so far is on 5-13 yr olds and their families but we also have events giving opportunity for people of all ages to come to Christ. We hope to see opportunities for other groups extended in time.


    What do we do:
    an after-school cafe for young people on Wednesday afternoons. Connect kids on the estate into the monthly Kidz Klub at Ashill. Church on the green on Sunday afternoons during the summer season. Annual weekend summer mission. Christmas and Easter services for the community.


    When and where do we meet:
    bi-weekly Sunday afternoons during the spring and summer on the green.


    What are our hopes:
    to see young people grow up, prosper in their faith, with Jesus at the centre of their lives. To see the community centre to be built on the estate acting as a gathering place for people and promoting community. To have a place of regular worship on the estate, and also see people participating in local churches.


    How to contact us:


    Andrew and Julia Rees

    01760 440141

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