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Acts 8:2-17 The Right Relationship

by fol CHURCH on July 11, 2018

I love this part of the passage, as you see how the church is going out in the power of the Holy Spirit. Nothing is stopping them and their faith is huge and maturing, as they are being witnesses to how limitless God is!

It challenges me as I step out in my everyday life. Am I seeing demons flee daily and making sure I pray for the sick, daily? Am I seeing witch doctors come to Christ daily? In the midst of a huge attack against these new ‘Little Christians’ from Saul!

You see how great joy and freedom came as God’s people moved with the guide of God’s Spirit! You get to travel along with them in this testimony of God’s power move and work in individuals and in villages. With that, you also hear how the Holy Spirit fills those who didn’t originally have Him in them.

This teaches us good theology of our new friend, the Holy Spirit. It shows us how the Spirit of God flows so mightily in the crowds and can change things in an instant, but makes it so personal.

God is a relational God. As He created man with His bare hands, out of the dirt, molding us into His image and breathing His breath of life into us, He set out to have a relationship. He set out to have a covenant with us. In all things it goes back to this. God wants a relationship with us, His children.

With the new covenant, we have new hope. With that, we have His spirit in us as our guide. Jesus died so we can live in freedom from our sins. This freedom is experienced with our friend, the Holy Spirit.



















Thank you Jesus for dying for us, so that we may live in this new covenant with You. Thank You for giving us the Holy Spirit that allows us to walk so boldly, as one with Your spirit. Thank You for showing us Your might, and what is possible with You. I pray You continue to show us how to go to new levels with You, seeing miracles as we go! Most of all, I pray that You change our hearts to be one with Yours. Showing us how to be in relationship with You!

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