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Exodus 38:21 – 39:31 Walking in a Priestly Way

by fol CHURCH on May 13, 2019

Today’s passage tells us about the courtyard to the Tabernacle, what materials were used, and of the priestly garments to be worn by Aaron and his successors. Continuing from the instructions for the Tabernacle, the courtyard was an area outside the Tabernacle, but within the Tabernacle area. Even this was made of bronze, gold and silver, and of fine linen, embroidered by craftsmen. Not even the courtyard was neglected.

Chapter 39:1 – 31 tells us of the Priestly garments that were worn by the High Priest, who at this time was Aaron. These are easier to understand if we start at the undergarments and work up. Firstly, there was a tunic of fine linen which went over the undergarments. This was white and reached down to the Priests ankles. Over this was a blue robe which was just a little shorter than the linen robe, and around the bottom were hung golden bells and embroidered pomegranates. Over this was worn the ephod, (rather like a tabard) which had a waistband, and over this was worn the breast piece which had four rows of three precious stones, one for each of the twelve tribes of Israel. On his head, the priest would wear a turban of fine linen, and on the front of the turban was a golden plate bearing the words, “Holy to the Lord”.

Each of these garments signifies something about how we live in Christ. The garment of fine, white linen tells us that we should be dressed in the righteousness of Christ (white signifies purity). The blue robe signifies royalty – the royalty of Christ that we wear as members of Father God’s family. The Ephod is a symbol of worship. As we walk with Jesus day by day we should walk in an attitude of worship. The turban is a symbol of our heads being covered under His authority. And finally, the priests never wore shoes, because they entered the holy of holies in the Tabernacle and were in the presence of God so were walking on holy ground. In like manner, we should remember that as we walk with Christ, day by day, we are walking on holy ground with Him.





* * *




Prayer: Lord, help me today to remember that I am clothed in Your righteousness, Your purity, Your royalty, and help me to walk in worship to You, Amen.

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