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Exodus 5:22 – 6:27 God Promises Deliverance

by fol CHURCH on April 16, 2019

Moses acted wisely taking his burden to God, asking Him about the whole situation.  It is understandable that Moses was disappointed and distressed, because it appeared that there was no change in the Israelites’ dire situation.    However, God reminds Moses that He is in total control – “I am the Lord, I appeared to Abraham, to Isaac and to Jacob as God Almighty ……” 6 vv 2-8.  God reaffirms His promise that He will keep His word to bring freedom to the Israelites.  God did this by speaking to Moses.  Today we have God’s written Word, but it is very likely that Moses actually heard the voice of God giving him “great promises”!  Reading of the Israelites’ suffering we can understand their attitude as they dismissed God’s words spoken through Moses!  Here is their leader “supposedly” hearing from God, but it appears that nothing is happening, and there seems to be no progress in the realisation of their promised freedom.  He even appears to blame God for the way Pharaoh was mistreating the Israelites! 


Opposition is an inevitability in the context of Christian and non-Christian leadership.  Christian leaders need to know how to spend time alone with God, to listen carefully to what He is saying, and to ask for His strength and wisdom.  Therefore we should pray constantly and wisely for them as they wait to hear how God is leading them,  discerning when they should step out into new things that God may be directing.    God encourages Moses as He speaks to his hurting servant reminding him of His covenant name - “Jehovah”.  The Patriarchs knew God as “God Almighty”, which in Hebrew is El-Shaddai, the all-sufficient and all-powerful God.  He assured Moses that He understood the people’s situation and was working on their behalf.  Sadly Moses sinks into deeper discouragement as he reports God’s message to the Israelites which they dismiss, for they too were deeply discouraged and exhausted with the burden of their cruel slavery. 


The genealogy is deliberately included here for it reminds us that God had prepared Moses and Aaron for their “ministry” in Egypt.  Jacob’s family was an essential part of God’s purposes as well as being the ancestors of Moses and Aaron.  God never makes mistakes, and His plans are always perfectly timed.  Jeremiah 1 v.5 says: “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you; before you were born I sanctified you; and I ordained you a prophet to the nations.”










Dear Father God, Thank you that I know for certain you will enable me to fulfil your will and plans in my life, and that you will complete what you have begun in me, for the glory of Jesus.  Amen.

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