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Philippians2:1-18 You Are a Star

by fol CHURCH on May 28, 2020

As I write this, we are just entering the second week of lockdown in order, as a nation, we try to stop the spread of the corona virus. Of course, I don’t know what the situation is today as you study this passage. My Bible entitles it: “Imitating Christ’s Humility” and “Do everything without grumbling.”

Paul begins by urging the Philippian Christians and us to allow the comfort and strength we receive from our walk with Jesus to affect the way we behave towards others. He says that Jesus never used His position as a reason to treat others as in any way inferior to Him. He was always humble. He reminds them of their place in the world as encouragers and accepters rather than people who argue about status and complain about the way they are treated. He describes our world as a “warped and crooked generation” and urges the Philippians to stand out like bright stars in a dark sky so that others might be attracted to our way of life.

So, in these dark times, not just of corona virus but of ongoing situations of great hardship due to unemployment and poverty, I am asking myself how I can shine and make a difference in my tiny area of the world today? In the past few weeks I have seen and read about incredible acts of selflessness and determination to make things more comfortable for those around us, at much personal cost to people. It seems like the whole of the town of Swaffham has become mobilized in a way not known before to give of its time and money in the service of others.

I can join in with that when and where I am able, but my question still is: how as a Christian can I put something different into the mix, that is lasting and shines a light. So, I now take more time to pray for the specific needs of my town and this county. I have the EDP delivered and pray through it every day. I offer my Morning Prayers (which at present have to be prayed at home) for my local community. I deliberately try to engage those I meet on my daily exercise or infrequent shopping trips with a smile and a word. Have you noticed how people have stopped looking at one another as they concentrate on social distancing and rushing back home again? Its only very simple but I believe it’s my Christian response at this time.







What can I do to show my faith today?

Lord, help me to shine as a bright star in a dark sky today.

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