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Proverbs 24 Diving into God’s Word

by fol CHURCH on July 28, 2020

The word Proverb is also translated Taunt, Oracle and Parable giving it a much broader meaning than the English term. This helps us when we are studying the proverbs, written mostly by Solomon. Some Proverbs were also written by Agur, and Lemuel, who were both Gentile Sages.

The word wisdom is used 40 times in the whole book of proverbs. This book of wisdom was written to teach young men, not only wisdom but also righteousness and the path to true success.

Looking over Proverbs 24, we get to see how this comes into play. This is the last proverb that sums up the thirty sayings of the wise that started in Proverbs 22:17. You get to see what true wisdom really looks like. Such as true strength is wisdom and knowledge. This is what makes you a hero in the faith. They also go into how to relate to one another, those who follow God and those who don’t.

Such wisdom lived out will see great fruit. As you eat as much as you can, diving into His great revelation, it truly is as sweet as honey, as told in verse 13. As you read the word, I challenge you to ask Jesus how to live out what you are studying. Even if it might seem irrelevant for these times that we live in, I know God has such riches for you. These words written by Solomon, are from the wisdom that God gave him, as he prayed for wisdom.

This means that you get to have this too! As you dive into Gods word, and walk it out, you will gain knowledge and wisdom! These chapters, written in the 900’s BC, are needed for us today!










Thank you God for all you have given us in the gift of your word! Thank you for sharing you wisdom that gives you glory as we live it out. That we get to be closer to you when we do all we were created to do, alongside you!

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