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Psalm 1 Delight in His Word

by fol CHURCH on June 24, 2019

In Psalm 1, we are given a description of a godly person and what they look like compared to the ungodly person. A clear difference is set out for us.

The godly person is that who rejects the way of the wicked and lives differently; different principles, conduct and attitude. They delight in God’s word, meditating on it ‘day and night’ for faith is for all times, not just particular times, and because of this, their life is full of God’s truth. In verse 3, the godly person is likened to a tree who takes it drink from the streams of water and prospers in all they do. There is no drought in Christ as this person drinks from the stream and enjoys continuous provision in Him.

The ungodly person, simply, is compared to chaff – worthless and weightless – and they will not be accepted on the day of judgement or numbered with the righteousness.

The wicked are those who seek independence from God, who live according to the world and not God’s word. We must seek dependence on God through His truth and ‘meditate’ on it. Through reflection of scriptures we are “transformed by the renewal of our mind” (Romans 12:2). It roots us deeply so we are able to take in more and more of the life-giving water of the Word.

Our lives now are full of distractions and we can fall into the trap of conforming to the patterns of the society and not the laws of God. We may be able to find the time to read our bibles, but do we reflect on it and apply it to our lives? Do we delight in it, like the godly person? Live your life differently, be the godly person who lives by the Word and enjoys what God says into your life.










Lord, as I read your word, let me spend the time meditating on what is you’re saying to me. Let your Holy Spirit immerse me in truth and may I delight in Your Word, taking it with me in all I do. Amen.

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