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Psalm 141 Keeping it Real

by fol CHURCH on December 08, 2021

The Psalms were written for a whole variety of reasons and each one has a different place in our worship and day to day life. This Psalm expresses something of faith’s great struggle.

It was written by David, possibly at a time when he was being pursued by King Saul. At that time David wouldn’t have been able to go to the temple to participate in sacrificial worship as others did so his prayer life assumed the place of that worship. This Psalm is a prayer from the heart, recognising the issues and shortcomings we all have. Here are a few lines to reflect upon.

V.1 “Hear my voice as I call to you.” David strains to catch God’s attention, begging Him to turn his ear to the things on David’s heart.

V.2 “May my prayer be set before you like incense.” Incense is often used as a visual representation of our prayers rising to heaven. The phrase suggests the pleasing fragrance of the smoke catching God’s attention making him turn to hear what’s on the pray-ers heart.

V.3 “Set a guard over my mouth.” David didn’t want the mouth he used to pray to God to be sullied by things that might be considered unholy. He wanted to be purified in all things so that he honoured God with his every word and deed. Vs. 4 - 5 continue that thought soliciting intervention from someone who might be more righteous than perhaps David thought he was. He asks for protection from the temptation of falling into practices or activities that weren’t pleasing to God.

Then there’s the main message of the prayer. A prayer against evil, a request that God might intervene among those who perpetrate evil deeds and a request for His presence. David concludes with a declaration that his “Eyes are fixed on you, O Sovereign Lord.”

So, a little life application. How do you present yourself before God? Is it with the kind of humility that we see in this Psalm? What troubles you or tempts you? Who are the people who might lead you astray? What declaration might you make before God regarding the relationship you have with Him?







Lord God hear the cry of my heart. Strengthen me to speak well and to bless You and others by the things I say and do. Strengthen me to keep clear of evil and lead me away from temptation by the power of your Spirit. Help me to keep my eyes fixed upon You and don’t let me be distracted from that aim. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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